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Xanana Gusmo

Title: Mandela of East Timor (From Chinese "world knowledge" issue twentieth 1999)

East Timor is the south of Indonesia's "half of small island" located in the Pacific Ocean, if not a series of stories caused by my philatelic activities , I will and a lot of people are the same. won't to pay attention to the island of many things. won't to contact that legendary figure is known as East Timor's Mandela, and there also are a series of stories that will happen.
The story begins in 2000. On January 26, the people's Daily published a news that the Vice President Hu Jintao met with visiting East independence movement leader Xanana Gusmao. Other domestic newspapers made many reports on the situation of East timor. Several of the papers on Gusmao introduction aroused great interest in me.

Xanana Gusmao was born East Timor in 1948. After Indonesian invasion occupation of East Timor in 1975, he led guerrillas in the jungle hard fighting. He arrested jailed, and was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1992. In 1997, President of South Africa Nelson Mandela visited Xanana Gusmao in the prison, and appealed to the Indonesian government to release him. On September 3, 1993, the new Indonesia government headed by the Habibie released Gusmao. At this time, East Timor between opposing factions occurred large-scale bloodshed. Under the intervention of the international community and the United Nations peacekeeping force, the situation gradually tend to be stable. in order to win the support of the international community. In 2000, he began his route of six Asian countries in identity of the leader of East Timor independence movement and the chairman of national Council of Timorese Resistance, China is the first country..

After I carefully read a lot of touching reports about the political star, I decided to take advantage of this opportunity to ask for his signature, so I started a new busy.
The biggest difficulty is the communication address. At that time of East Timor, the situation is still very serious, Gusmao's old father was killed, his family disappear without a trace. Where he himself is unknown. I finally decide two solutions. First directly mail to East Timor, I worked out an address according to address some of the information "his Excellency Mr. Xanana Gusmao East Timor consultative committee C / O UN East Timor FC executive authorities Dili, East Timor". later I know this address is wrong.
The second is mail to the British Embassy in Indonesia, then please them forward to Gusmao. Because the newspaper reported that after Gusmao was released from prison, he go to and live in the British Embassy in Indonesia for more than a month. Since so, might as well try. I use my "Pidgin" English to the ambassador wrote a letter (see below)
Winter passed, I've forgotten something about East Timor. Unexpectedly, in May 2nd, an white common envelope printed with the name of GUSMAO XANANA dropped to my mailbox. Ah! it is Gusmao's special envelope.

I carefully opened the precious envelope, the postcard with Gusmao's autograph finally mail back! Gusmao is worthy of "poet", "painter" reputation, his signature is very artistic, make people feel warm. Even more unusual is that he not only signed on the front postcard of the reserved position, and he also signed his name next to the back photo where he shook hands with President Jingtao Hu.
The envelope' original size is 220x110 m.m. There are three Australian stamps in the envelope. Write on the back is "Office of CNRT president" (National council of Timorese risistante), and an email address With Xanana's name.
Gusmao's signature time is April 11,2000., location is Dili. From the my postcard of issuing date is 71 days. From his signature to mail up to Nanjing is 21 days, letters marked with aviation. Australia issued postmark is April 24, 2000., postage for 45 cent x3=1.35 AUD, (as far as I know, at that time Australian International airmail postage seems to be 90 cents) To calculate from the postmarks, total of 13 days from Gusmao signature to Australia issue, total of 8 days from Australia (may from Darwin) to Nanjing. As for why the use of Australian Stamps? Later I came to know.

Because there is an e-mail address,. In May 6th, I sent a email to express my thanks. Told them that I was very pleased to receive this reply letter, and asked them to convey my gratitude to President Gusmao. Soon, May 9, I received a very polite email signed By an CNRT officer Kirsty Sword , I think, this thing can hit an full stop.


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