Philatelic collection transfer


The mailed poatcards autographed by foreign head of states


All Prices are in U.S. dollars and Includes postage charges

phila-01-01-25 are mailed homemade postcards autographed by foreign heads (president or prime minister, etc.) and associated full set of posted item. Please click the link to view their detail

Phila-01-01 The late Cambodia king Norodom Sihanouk1998.10.7. (Flood relief stamps first day postcard) Price USD 3100

Phila-01-02 Germany chancellor Helmut Kohl 1998.10.15. (China and Germany jointly issued stamps first day postcard) Price USD 1800 Already sold

Phila-01-03 The late Korea president Kim Dae-Jung 1998.12.4. Price USD 3100

Phila-01-04 Swiss president Flavio Cotti 1998.12.8.(China and Swiss jointly issued stamps first day postcard) Price USD 1900

Phila-01-05 Ireland premier Berty Ahern 1998.12.17. Price USD 1300

Phila-01-06 Finland premier Paavo Lipponen 1998.12.18. Price USD 1300

Phila-01-07 Belgium premier Jean-Luc Dehaene 1998.12.21. Price USD 1300

Phila-01-08 Cook Islands premier Geoffrey Henry 1999.1.5. Price USD 800

Phila-01-09 Mongolia president Nachagym Bagbandy 1999.1.16. Price USD 800

Phila-01-10 Jamaica premier Perciral Pattweson 1999.2.14. Price USD 800

Phila-01-11 The late Israel president, air force famous general Ezer Weizman 1999.5.19. Price USD 2300

Phila-01-12 Cyprus president Glafcos Clerides 1999.7.5. Price USD 600 Already sold

Phila-01-13 New Zealand Premier Jenny Shiplay 1999.8.12. Price USD 1000 Already sold

Phila-01-14 Last Portugal governor of Macao Rocha Vieira 1999.9.15. Price USD 1200 Already sold

Phila-01-15 Ecuador president Jamil Mahuad Witt 1999.11.7. Price USD 800

Phila-01-16 Cote D'Ivoire premier Daniel Kablan Duncan 1999.11.7. Price USD 800

Phila-01-17 Albania president Rexhep Meidani 2000.1.17. Price USD 1300

Phila-01-18 Germany chancellor Gerhard Schroeder 2000.3.5. Price USD 1200 Already sold

Phila-01-19 Tanzania president Frederik T.Sumaye 2000.4.26. Price USD 1300

Phila-01-20 East Timor first president Xanana Gusmao 2000.5.2. Price USD 3100

Phila-01-21 Barbados premier Owen Arthur 2000.6.19. Price USD 800

Phila-01-22 Laos president Khamtay Siphandone 2000.8.20. Price USD 800

Phila-01-23 Botswana president Festus Mogae 2000.8.23. Price USD 800

Phila-01-24 Brazil president Fernando Henrique Cardoso 2000.11.6. (China and Brazil jointly issued stamps first day postcard) Price USD 1900

Phila-01-25 New Zealand Governor-General Michael Harde Boys 2000.12.28. Price USD 1300

p0hila-1-26-31 are without autographed postcards, only there are reply and the head's photo with signature

Phila-01-26 France president Jacque Chirac 1998.10.7. Price USD 1300 Already sold

Phila-01-27 Egypt president Muhammed Hosni Mubarak 1999.6.22. Price USD 800

Phila-01-28 UN Secretary general Kofi Annan 2000.1.29. Price USD 800

Phila-01-29 Danmark presidemnt Foul Nyrup Rasmussen 2000.8.2. Price USD 800

Phila-01-30 Iran president Seyed Mohammed Khatami 2000.10.23. Price USD 800

Phila-01-31 Uzbekistan president Islam Karimov 2001.3.23. Price USD 1300

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January 2016
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